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Mrs Lanza Wilson (nee Goodwill) President 2014 – 2018

I am extremely honoured that my fellow alma mata placed their faith and trust in me to lead as President for two consecutive terms.


The St Joseph’s Ex-Pupils Association (UK Branch) has played an important role in supporting the school over the past years. In doing so, countless lives have been touched. Like most Ex-Pupils, I am passionate about our school.  It is the foundation of who I am today. I led the organisation with utmost conviction. With a dedicated team of Executives and the support of the association, we worked hard, reached out, and raised much needed funds.

During my tenure, the association assisted in restructuring Javouhey House and re-roofing and replacing windows in the Science Block. A brand new Marching Brass Band was also donated to the school. Several projects including assistance to mudslide victims, donation of chairs, books and computers were also carried out.


I continue to serve the association as a Trustee.


Esto Fidelis

God Bless

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